Tools I Use For My Business

As an internet marketer, I have used 100s of online marketing tools over last 8 years. Some were very good and some were 'terrible'. I listed all the tools I love (and regularly use) in this guide. I tried to reach out to all of them and get discounts for my followers. Some offered discounts, some didn't. But they are all great tools and I will 100% recommend them for your business. Again, though the title of this page is 'online marketing tools', I will be recommending all the tools that I use for my business.

1| Namecheap - Cheap Hosting Provider

I have been using Namecheap as my go to domain provider for more than 8 years now. Since my early days, I always preferred buying domains from Namecheap and I have 100s of domains in my account with them. The best part about Namecheap is their honest renewal policy. Unlike some other domain providers (read GoDaddy), Namecheap will not sell the domain for a cheap price on year 1 and ask for a higher renewal on year 2. 

And of course, they have an award winning customer support who will help you with any issues you might face. 

2| WPX - Superior WordPress Hosting

I shopped around a lot for a solid hosting company. Every hosting company that I selected over the years had some issues. Some were too costly, some didn't offer free backup or malware removal, some didn't have good support. 

WPX hosting seems to solve all problems for me. This website, including all my other websites are hosted with them and I would 100% recommend WPX as long as you have a WordPress site. The price is lower than Siteground (if you think about the 2nd year's renewal fee) and they even offered me a 50% discount coupon for my audience. 

3| Semrush - All In One SEO Tools

I use Semrush for my keyword research these days, along with managing my clients and finding errors on websites to fix. Semrush has a rank tracker in built, a decent site audit tool and even social media automation functionalities. 

I personally don't like Semrush for analyzing backlinks as the data feels old. However, you can still do that. The cost is around $99/month once your free 2 week expires. 

4| GeneratePress - Light Weight WP Theme

When it comes to WordPress themes, I 100% rely on GeneratePress themes for my themes. They have a wide range of themes to select from, the themes load fast and they are easy to manage. 

I have had 6 figure sells with websites that were built using Genesis Themes. I would 100% recommend them. 

5| SEO Press - WordPress SEO Plugin

I have used all of them. From the ultra popular Yoast SEO to the no name custom SEO Plugins from Codecanyon. 

SEO Press seems to be the ideal solution for internet marketers like me. The primary reason why I prefer SEOPress over others is the ability to have Schema data within the plugin. I always had to use a separate plugin to get the Schema going but since starting to use SEOPress, everything is within the same dashboard. They have a free plugin, but I would recommend the paid one which is $25 for unlimited websites (it is a steal)

6| Appsumo - Lifetime Deal Provider

I bought more than 50 SaaS tools with Appsumo in last 2 years alone. They are great at offering lifetime deals of expensive, cool SaaS products. A few important and core parts of my business rely on Appsumo and I would 100% recommend them. 

A special hack: If you don't like a product on Appsumo after you purchased it, ask for a refund. They have a 60 day no question asked refund policy and I always take advantage of that. 

7| Payoneer- Online Payment Gateway

Payoneer is a global payment gateway that offers you exactly that. You can create free bank accounts in US, Europe and even in places like Japan without ever being in any of these places. The account is free to use and they send you the card for free too. 

8| Aweber - Email Marketing Tools

I use Aweber to send out emails to 20,000 + subscribers every week. If you are on my email list, you receive these emails. The emails always land on your inbox, the open rate is decent and the pricing is fair too. 

Other solutions, such as Mailchimp don't work with internet marketers and I only found Aweber that is good + fits in my budget range. You can always upgrade to companies like Convert Kit if you want to spend more. 

9| Google Analytics & Search Console

Both Google Analytics & Search Console are mandatory tools for any website owner. If you have a website and you are not using both search console and Analytics, you wouldn't have a 100% overview of how the business is doing. 

On top of that, both of these tools are actually free to use (for up to 100 websites). 

I recommend downloading the Google Analytics app too on your phone so that you are always in touch with the website visitors. However, if that's too much, make sure to check both the tools at least once a week. 

10| Uptime Robot - Website Up/Down Checker

It is a free, simple tool that tells you when your website goes down. You can set a robot to come to your website every 1, 5 or 30 minutes to check if the site is alright. 

If it is not, Uptime Robot will send you an email. I use it on all my client websites to make sure that I am the first person to know when a site goes down. Highly recommended.

11| Tailwind - Pinterest & Instagram Auto Poster

I use Tailwind too automate my Pinterest. One Tailwind profile is created for all my affiliate websites and Tailwind then helps me to automate and schedule all the pins. 

Though Tailwind helps me automate it, you will still need to invest some time to get things going. You can even add Instagram to the same Tailwind profile but I only use it for Pinterest.